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  • My commitment to excellence

    I scrutinize every detail to make sure your floors look perfect. I treat every home like it's my own.
  • Quality products

    No matter the type of floor you select, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing I only select the best quality wood available.
  • No project too big

    I also specialize in commercial jobs. From entire rooms to entire buildings, I get the job done on time every time.
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about bruce

I've been working professionally on hardwood floors since 1982. I've installed, finished, restored, and repaired over 2,000 wood floors, including more than 500 in and around Bloomington, Indiana.
If you're putting in a new hardwood floor or need an old one restored, I can make the wood look great and make your room look great.
Free estimates both residential and commercial
New installations & restorations
Repairs to damaged floors, staircases, and trim

its all about my experience & expertise

I've installed or restored hardwood floors in dance halls, auditoriums, mansions, college fraternities, and more. However, the great majority of the 2,000 I've worked on have been hardwood floors in single-family homes. I've restored wood floors and staircases that were originally installed in the 1800s and I've installed wood floors in the most modern new construction.

Every wood floor is different. That's part of what makes them so beautiful. I treat each one with loving care.


bona certified craftsman &

Bruce Johnson is a proud member of the trusted network of hardwood flooring experts that use the complete Bona System to deliver outstanding results in both craftsmanship and customer service.

what a difference the right finish makes

I use environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art water-based finishes. Modern wood finishes and sealers give far better results than anything previously available. They make the natural hues and grains of the wood visible, and they create a hard, durable surface that lasts for decades. Older wood finishes (and some still for sale) often discolor wood, they scratch or damage easily, and they emit toxic chemicals into the air. The best modern finishes are not just more durable, they're also safe.

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